first_imgJust 4% of financial advisers believe the state pension will continue in its present form over the next 30 years, according to research by pension provider Aegon UK.Its survey of 208 financial advisers found that almost half (49%) of respondents that think there will be changes to the current system believe the government will raise the state pension age further.The research also found:96% of respondents think the state pension will change from its proposed form.Of those who believe there will be changes, 39% think the system will revert back to means testing.Two-fifths (41%) expect the state pension to become less generous and move away from the triple lock.The single-tier state pension reforms will provide a flat rate pension for those reaching the state pension retirement age from April 2016.Calculations by Aegon UK suggest that the cost of purchasing a state pension at retirement, based on the new single-tier pension of £151.25 a week, is £280,000 for a man and £273,000 for a woman.Duncan Jarrett (pictured), managing director, retail at Aegon UK, said: “The state pension is a financial lifeline for millions of pensioners in the UK, so it’s concerning to see such a resounding number of financial advisers foresee more uncertainty on the horizon. People need confidence in what to expect to receive from the state, so we can’t afford cliff-edge moves to means testing, or sudden increases to the state pension age.“We need to get better as an industry at highlighting to individuals how much they are due to receive, so they can then work out how much private pension they need to make up the gap between this and their aspirational income in retirement.”last_img read more

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are some of the newest job openings in Wilmington:Full-Time/Part-Time Overnight Baker at Panera BreadPart-Time Sales Associate & Cashier at Dunkin DonutsPart-Time Host & Server at Rocco’s Restaurant & BarPart-Time Dishwasher/Food Prep at Rocco’s Restaurant & BarFull-Time Merchandiser at Frito LayFull-Time Technician I at Charles River LabsFull-Time Sample Coordinator at Charles River LabsFull-Time Purchasing & Project Management Assistant/Receptionist at NER Construction ManagementPart-Time Nanny For 1 Wilmington ChildFull-Time CNC Lathe Machinist at United Tool & Machine Corp.(NOTE: Wilmington businesses — Feel free to send me your job postings at Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedNOW HIRING: 10 New Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”NOW HIRING: 10 Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”NOW HIRING: 50 New Job Openings In Wilmington (Week of August 18, 2019)In “Business”last_img read more

first_imgMP AmanurThe trial proceedings of a murder case, filed against Tangail-3 MP Amanur Rahman Khan, is yet to start as the lawmaker has been falling sick just before the trial for the last one year.Nahar Ahmed, wife of a killed Awami League leader Faruq Ahmed, filed the case with Tangail sadar police station against unknown persons three days after the bullet-hit body of Faruq Ahmed was recovered in front of his Collegepara residence of the district town on 18 January in 2013.MP Amanur Rahman Khan remained fugitive for two years after his name came up in the police investigation of the case.On 18 September in 2016, Amanur surrendered to the additional district and sessions judge court of Tangail, the trial court, and sought bail.The court however, denied the bail and sent him to Kashimpur central jail in Gazipur. Since then, he has skipped the court dates for eight times showing “medical certificates” of his sickness.The list of diseases includes chest and hip pain, piles, high blood pressure and some other.Quoting the prison doctors, the jail authorities have been informing the court for the past one year that MP Amanur Rahman is not in a condition to travel.Plaintiff’s lawyer S Akbar Khan, however, said this as an excuse. “Amanur has been collecting certificates using his influence to delay the trial proceedings.”“High Court has ordered to finish the trial of this case within six months but six months have already passed. It is not being possible to begin the trial as [the accused] Amanur is not being produced before the court. We will inform this to the High Court,” Akbar Khan added.The first date for the hearing had been fixed for 9 November last year, but the day before that Amanur was admitted to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University reportedly with chest pains. Again in 8 February he was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with high complaints of blood pressure, chest pains and back aches. He was almost three months in cabin there. He was transferred to hospital after a report appeared in Prothom Alo on 9 May says, “Amanur MP doing his politics from hospital!”In April a High Court bench granted Amanur bail,  but a bench comprising chief justice SK Sinha, justice Hasan Faiz Siddiqui and justice Mirza Hossain Haider suspended the bail and ordered the lower court to complete the hearing within six months.*The article originally published in Prothom Alo print edition is rewritten in English by Shameem Rezalast_img read more

first_imgOf the big three forms of entertainment we all use, music went digital first, and now video and games are slowly making the move too. Gamers know it, game publishers know it, and retailers are beginning to realize it.GameStop has decided to react and try and secure its future in the digital space by acquiring the Impulse digital games download service from Stardock as well as streaming tech company Spawn Labs.Although it’s nowhere near as popular as Valve’s Steam service, Impulse does already hold a 10% share of the digital games market. Just as importantly for GameStop, it is already live and making money so the retailer has a platform it can build on with little development investment required.Spawn Labs offers a different view on digital games. The company’s focus is on streaming and virtualization technology. GameStop states that Spawn is working on a solution for playing games on any Internet-enabled device, suggesting OnLive may be getting a new rival in the future branded with the GameStop name.The two acquisitions combined should allow GameStop to offer games across the board through its shops, through the mail from its online store, and now via digital distribution, and eventually game streaming too.Read more at the GameStop press release, via Gamesindustry.bizMatthew’s OpinionThese are both intelligent buys for GameStop for the future. Impulse is an already established service that GameStop can throw some money at and help it grow beyond that 10% market share. It needs to be a brand as recognized as Steam if it intends to compete.As for Spawn Labs, that’s certainly a forward-looking acquisition, and one that’s probably been spurned by the good press OnLive has been getting. GameStop knows that relying on boxed-copy game sales isn’t going to bring in the same level of profits indefinitely, and whose to say future consoles will even have a disc slot in them? So creating a digital platform now makes a lot of sense.Whether both acquisitions pan out for the company depends on how GameStop handles the companies. Impulse needs a more hands-on approach and the experience GameStop brings from selling games for years. Spawn Labs looks like it should be left alone to get on with the tech for the time being.last_img read more

first_img Register Now » Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. April 12, 2017 As a busy CEO and founder, I receive hundreds of emails every day and send around 50 myself. Yet at the end of the day, my inbox is empty. I follow a principle called Inbox Zero. No, I don’t have an assistant managing my emails. And no, Inbox Zero is not just a dream — it can be done.Why should you keep your email inbox empty? The benefits are many:You won’t miss an important email again when you use the Inbox Zero method.You won’t leave people hanging because you’ll respond to each email in a timely manner.You won’t become a bottleneck in your organization. You won’t feel stressed about thousands of emails in your inbox.You respect others by responding to them promptly.You’re able to feel great knowing that you have nothing else to do so you can get on with more creative, fulfilling tasks.Here’s a list of my email habits that made this possible. I basically use the traditional Inbox Zero approach and add a slight twist.Start with almost any email provider.This guide assumes you are using Gmail, but the same rules may be adapted to any email client as long as they have similar features to Gmail’s “Send and Archive” and “Auto-advance” functionality.  I know a number of people who keep every email they receive in their inbox. Their inbox looks like a Twitter stream. This is not a dependable system. You might be reviewing your list and then something comes up, such as a phone call or a meeting. At that point, you’re likely to lose track of your progress, which leaves you with two options: Review all recent emails for the day one by one or just go with the flow. The former can be too time consuming. The latter is the reason why many people I know will also let many emails go unanswered or completely forget to do important tasks. Not because they are rude or disorganized, but because they have bad email habits.Related: 5 Bad Email Habits That Waste Your TimeOne horror story that comes to mind is a former co-worker that simply let every email pile up in his inbox. And this inbox had thousands of email in it, and 150 new emails arriving every day. Few were read, and a handful were actually responded to. If he wanted to find any email, he would scroll through this massive inbox and do a quick read of all of the subject lines. Finding needles in haystacks was easier.Here are seven important steps to achieve Inbox Zero:1. Start with zero.If you are just starting out with Inbox Zero, the first step is to declare email bankruptcy. Archive every email in your inbox. I realize this is blasphemous in many companies, however you need to start with an empty inbox. This guide will not help you if you have 10,000 emails in your inbox. Just zero it out and start fresh.2. Process emails strictly in the same order.This step requires discipline. When you process your emails, start with the oldest message and work your way to the most recent.  Do not skip any email! Never look at your complete email list and, even worse, pick one from it.  To accomplish this, change your Gmail “Auto-advance” settings so that when you archive or reply, it shows the next email instead of going back to the email list.Next, enable the “Send and Archive” button on your email replies.Why start with the oldest entries? When you start with the newest emails, you might get stuck in a reply treadmill with other people who answer emails quickly. You don’t want to get into a loop where you constantly reply to the most recent emails and people reply back at you. You are basically chatting at this point and your email productivity will go down the drain. When that happens, you might waste hours while your oldest messages go completely untouched.Do not use email like a chat app. Do not get into chats with your friends or colleagues in your email inbox. The most recent email should be answered only after your inbox is completely processed. If you need to chat, use a tool like Slack. Or, pick up the phone and talk. Email is not the place for it.Related: There’s a Time for Email and a Time for Slack. How to Know the Difference.Unfortunately, Gmail does not have a method to sort emails from oldest to newest. My solution: When I open my emails, I find the oldest post in my inbox, click on it and start processing emails one by one. Since my inbox is set up to advance to the next post, I end up processing emails in the same order that emails are received.3. Reply or archive.The first rule of Inbox Zero is your email inbox is not a storage place. All emails in your inbox should be processed right away. Either by replying or by archiving.What about things that will take a long time? Some things may require waiting for a few hours or a few days, or you might be waiting on an answer from someone. In such cases, move the task to a separate to-do list. If the email contents are required for the task, just copy the subject of the email to your to-do list, so you can easily copy it back again and search for the exact email in your email archive to process it.4. Just do it, now.If an email requires an action that will take a few minutes, just do it right now. Do not copy it to a to-do list. Do not keep it in your inbox. Just do it. If you need to make a payment, just do it right now. If you need to send feedback to a colleague, do it right away. Processing a list in a strict order is a great way to solve procrastination.Sometimes when I know I am procrastinating on a task, I will send myself an email. This forces me to complete that task since I am very strict about maintaining Inbox Zero.  5. Use keyboard shortcuts.While processing emails, my hand is usually on top of the “E” key on the keyboard, which archives the entries in Gmail. If I decide to reply to a thread, I click on the “R” key instead. I will occasionally use the “F” key to forward emails. Those are the only Gmail shortcuts I use. I don’t think you need to know any other shortcuts. You can always use your mouse for all other actions. But these three keyboard shortcuts will help you keep your email processing much smoother.6. Use email filters.If there are emails that you do not read, either unsubscribe from them or use automated email filters to archive them automatically. Depending on the amount of email you receive, this can potentially save you hours.7. Once you reach zero, close your emails.While trying to do any creative work, you should avoid looking at your email. So, process your emails, empty your inbox, and most importantly — close the email app. Move onto critical work with the knowledge that you do not have to worry about your emails for a while.Disable any email notifications that pop up when you receive a new message. They can become very distracting and will drain your productivity, attention span, and energy all day long.Related: Your Day Is Interrupted Every 11 Minutes. How to Manage Those Distractions.You can always open your emails a few hours later, process your inbox again, then go back to more fulfilling work. The goal is to condition yourself to stop worrying about emails all day long. You should be controlling your inbox, not the other way around.Keep it productive. Keep it sane. And, most importantly, keep it zero. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The Arizona Cardinals have lost several key pieces to their defense from last season — most recently, defensive end Darnell Dockett to an ACL tear during Monday’s practice. But linebacker and 13-year NFL veteran Larry Foote, who signed with the Cardinals in May, said this year’s defensive unit remains a formidable one.Specifically, Foote said the Cardinals’ much-hyped secondary has been as good as advertised during training camp, and it will allow the defense to compensate for Dockett’s loss. “I like what we’ve got. We’ve got a lot of guys who can cover, and when you have that, you can be flexible with the play-calling,” said Foote, who spent 11 of his first 12 NFL seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.“(Rookie safety Deone) Bucannon is playing next to me a lot on third down. That’s the type of rookie you want — somebody who likes violence, likes contact… He’s going to be a player in this league.”Foote said the defense is “still confident” minus Dockett, but there’s no doubt that his loss is a major blow.“There’s not one man that can fill his shoes, especially as a leadership role, but everybody picks their game up when you lose a guy like that. Corners have got to pick it up, safeties — everybody on the team — and we’ve got enough talent to fill in the gap.” 0 Comments   Share   center_img Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

first_imgHot Springs, Virginia – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineThere’s more than one way to work up an appetite for romance, but nothing quite like the NEW Suite-Heart Package for Valentine’s Day from The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. The historic resort spread across 3,000 acres in the Allegheny Mountains will have Southern Hospitality on glorious display for the romantically inclined, with indulging amenities, fine-dining, and great rates on suite accommodations throughout the month of February 2011.Wrapped in the beauty of southwestern Virginia, The Homestead is a delectable destination whatever your passion. Couples can look forward to curling up before the fire in the Great Hall or enjoying the outdoors with activities such as ice skating or skiing. Treat yourselves to treatments at the European-style Spa at The Homestead or plunge in the Jefferson Pools, fed by natural mineral spring waters.Come dinnertime, Suite-Heart Package guests enjoy the pick of Executive Chef Mark Gallaudet’s page-turning menu in the elegant Dining Room, featuring “Classic” dishes on one side and “New Classics” on the other. Or, they can slip into the intimate 1766 Grille and witness the art of tableside preparation from an award-winning menu of French and American cuisine.Treat your loved one to the Suite-Heart Package for Valentine’s Day from The Homestead, including: – Overnight accommodations in a spacious Suite – Champagne, chocolates and roses upon arrival – Flower petal turndown – Dinner for two with dancing in the historic Dining Room or more intimate dining in the 1766 Grille – Full breakfast buffet for twowww.thehomestead.comlast_img read more

last time, after the acquisition of Google enterprise mail exposure aroused everyone’s curiosity, the TECH2IPO brings bondage guide to you, I hope you can help to tell me what you want to sell the site.

, after years of hard work on websites or blogs, doesn’t go on for a variety of reasons, so you can consider selling it at this time. Although selling it may not bring high returns, or it may be that investment and income don’t balance, maybe you just want to prove something, or maybe you don’t have enough abilities to manage more experienced people. read more

successful entrepreneurs who have their own style of doing things, but also their own personality. Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo holdings is China’s 80s representative of entrepreneurs. Looking back at his entrepreneurial feelings, he summed up the five words: action, responsibility, preparation, persistence and team.

1. action: to do, to adhere to the

2. responsibility: do not encounter problems before

after the initial target will sometimes encounter some hard, if at this hard fling caution to the winds, it may be a dead end, great loss. For example, many young entrepreneurs, with their parents’ pensions, raising money to start a business in the early stages of entrepreneurship is likely to be difficult to succeed.

3.: to make major decisions, take the form of repeated clear

4.: adhere to the correct method, stick to

5. team: not only do the group bravery hero, the lone hero

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there are a lot of people may have such experience, can cook, but hate the most is washing dishes, family several bowls are so, not to mention that the canteen, every so many dishes, if people have to pay wages, this time, you can have a professional wash bowl, all bowl, professional cleaning, consumption of small, business, make money fast.

the various enterprises and institutions, schools, organizations such as canteen logistics department is a huge business opportunity, aimed at the dishes for each meal after the link, all the dishes clean work together a unified open professional cleaning, washing dishes is a neglected opportunity. Fill the market gap, pay a dollar to help you wash the dishes. How to open such a dish washing company. read more

with a variety of paper stacked a variety of interesting products, consumers do not need to spend a lot of money, they can buy one of exquisite products, can be placed in the home decoration, so the paper, such a new investment opportunities officially come out, it does not require a large investment, investors can make easy business.

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for the current number of entrepreneurs, what is the biggest problem? Some people may be because they do not know how to start a business, some people may not have a good entrepreneurial projects, but all of this if there is no adequate venture capital is an interview, so that the venture capital will be even greater problems. To this end, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi, established a sound loan mechanism, so as to provide greater protection for the development of local entrepreneurship.

employment is the livelihood of the people, entrepreneurship is the source of employment. Zhangshu City Employment Bureau to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to total loans to support entrepreneurship to employment as an important lever of national entrepreneurship, to help more entrepreneurial a person of noble aspirations to go on the road to success. read more

in the public entrepreneurial boom, the building materials industry contains a huge opportunity to attract the attention of many investors. In the current tide of entrepreneurship, more and more people are willing to choose to join in mode, this mode of operation allows inexperienced entrepreneurs can also operate today, we rash and too much in haste, to look at the open doors and windows Aluminum Alloy stores how to operate?

Aluminum Alloy doors and windows franchise customers is an important guarantee of income, no customers, there is no income to do business, will certainly encounter a variety of customers, merchants should continuously improve their own level of marketing and sales skills, treat each customer wholeheartedly. read more

low cost entrepreneurship so many people are very happy, and now there are a lot of people are very fond of doing investment in such an industry, and in the end what projects are low-cost investment? Today we look at those suitable for low-cost entrepreneurial projects.


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