first_imgDespite email’s long-established role as a critical marketing channel for publishers, diverse challenges remain and, when it comes to return on investment, uncertainty persists. That’s the upshot of an exclusive survey conducted by Folio: and WhatCounts to better understand publishers’ goals, concerns, and tactics as they pertain to email marketing. Click to enlarge. Re-evaluating Your Strategy Despite the more than one-third of respondents who report sending at least one-million emails each month, only 22 percent say they invest at least $5000 per month on email marketing. In-house resources and expertise, data integration, and deliverability followed closely behind, with 50 percent, 44 percent, and 36 percent of respondents citing them as one of their top three challenges, respectively. “If publishers would spend the money to invest in more sophisticated integrations and technologies, and utilize additional agency or professional services, they would be able to accomplish more relevant messaging at a faster rate and see returns quicker,” continues Keye. “Email marketing is the backbone to their digital marketing program. If they don’t take care of it and invest in it, all may come crumbling down.” “Increasing customer lifetime value should be a key focus,” Keye says. “I recommend publishers create audience segments based on customer lifetime value.” When looking at top investment priorities going forward, things become even murkier. Nearly 20 percent of respondents cited optimizing the opt-in and opt-out process to drive list growth as their top priority moving forward, consistent with the 38 percent who named list growth a top challenge. Following closely behind, however, are obtaining a 360-degree view of the customer (19 percent), launching more lifecycle email campaigns (18 percent), and integrating circulation data with their email service provider (16 percent). Mobile optimization and monetization, while still a concern for many, were the two least cited challenges. Despite this, nearly a quarter of respondents say their email templates do not feature responsive design — something that should probably be a given at this stage in the channel’s maturity. Time to Up Your Investment? These different segments might include, for example, print and digital subscribers, newsletter-only subscribers, or engaged vs. inactive subscribers. A total of 151 executives, publishers, marketing directors, and head editors from across the B2B, consumer, and association segments of the magazine industry responded to a 15-question survey, conducted in September, designed to glean some empirical insights into media companies’ email marketing objectives, opportunities, and obstacles. While respondents were well aware of the challenges they face in email marketing, there appears to be little consensus on measuring the channel’s effectiveness. The percentage of web traffic driven from email was the most commonly tracked KPI, but only 72 percent of respondents reported measuring it. About two-thirds reported tracking monthly list growth trends, and just over half of all respondents said they track the percentage of recipients who are inactive (62 percent), and opens on mobile devices vs. desktop (61 percent). Considering that over 88 percent of respondents named email one of their top-three most important marketing channels, a serious disconnect appears to arise when moving from challenges to tactics, analytics, and investment. Perhaps most striking of all is that only 45 percent of respondents plan to re-evaluate their email marketing solutions within the next six months, while 40 percent will either do so “more than 270 days from now” or not at all. Given the importance of email as a marketing channel, and the rate at which consumption habits change and new technology emerges, publishers might want to consider keeping their email marketing solutions more top-of-mind. When asked to rank a selection of seven common email marketing challenges from most to least important, more than a third of respondents (38 percent) cited list growth as their primary concern, and another 20 percent named it their second-biggest challenge. “It’s surprising that deliverability and mobile optimization are such a challenge,” Keye continues. “It’s pretty easy and inexpensive to have a responsive template and most service providers offer deliverability consulting that helps publishers improve inbox placement.”  Click to enlarge. “We need to retrain upper management that it’s less about list size and more about list quality,” Emily Keye, director of strategic service at WhatCounts, tells Folio:. “Challenges like deliverability will become obsolete when list quality is a top priority.” “Once you have your lifetime value segments identified, create automated campaigns to convert subscribers to the next highest customer lifetime value segment. Monitor how each segment is performing to show lift in email ROI.”  Similarly, when asked how they measure the ROI of their email marketing efforts, responses varied significantly. About half of the respondents derive direct advertising revenue from email. Another 46 percent track indirect ad revenue, such as a lift in web traffic driven by email. “Publishers should really take the time and invest in bettering their email marketing program,” concludes Keye. “Without the proper resources, the high-quality subscribers and relevant messaging, their most important communication tool will experience lots of missed opportunities. Think beyond newsletters, and really try to understand each subscriber’s lifecycle within your brand.” Click to enlarge.Diverse Challenges Rather than making list purchases or rentals, says Keye, publishers should instead focus on organic growth through optimized opt-in forms, promotion on other channels, and delivering relevant content to minimize subscriber churn.last_img read more

first_img3:26 Millions of emails and passwords were dumped in an 87GB file. James Martin/CNET In one of the largest public data breaches, a collection containing more than 87 gigabytes of personal information was leaked online. The data dump, titled “Collection #1,” was hosted on the cloud service Mega, and had 772,904,991 email addresses, and 21,222,975 passwords. The treasure trove of private information was discovered by Troy Hunt, a security researcher and founder of the “Have I Been Pwned” service. The login credentials appear to have been stockpiled over years, as some passwords and emails come from 2008, Hunt said on his blog. The information comes from more than 2,000 different sources, Hunt said. You can check if you were affected by the breach by entering your email address on Have I Been Pwned. And you can see if individual passwords were compromised by clicking here. Breaches continue to happen on a massive scale as companies collect data on millions of people and fail to protect them properly. Marriott experienced one of the largest personal data breaches in history, losing personal information belonging to 383 million guests, while hackers hit Yahoo and stole data belonging to 3 billion accounts. The big numbers don’t always equate to dire after-effects; the breach of Yahoo accounts, for instance, isn’t likely to have the same potential for damage as the compromising of 147.7 million Social Security numbers taken in the Equifax breach.   Share your voice 20 Tags But just because your information is stolen doesn’t mean that you’re helpless.You can, and should, change your passwords.When potential hackers have access to this massive amount of login data, they’re not sitting at a computer trying to log into every account one by one. They’re using bots to do it through a technique called credential stuffing, which automatically blasts multiple services with the same set of login information. “Massive data breaches like Collection #1 create huge spikes in bot traffic on the login screens of websites, as hackers cycle through enormous lists of stolen passwords,” said Rami Essaid, a co-founder at bot security company Distil Networks. The company found that websites experienced three times as many login attempts after public breaches happen. The idea is that if you’ve reused those old passwords for different platforms, a potential hacker would use the leaked passwords to break into your newer accounts with these bots. With this recent leak, it’s a reminder for people to change their passwords, or start using a password manager that can automatically generate secure passwords for you.  The best defense…: Data breaches can sucker-punch you. Prepare to fight back.That Marriott breach: Hackers stole more than 5 million passport numbers.center_img Security Comments Now playing: Watch this: Biggest hacks of 2018last_img read more

first_imgDonald TrumpUS president Donald Trump has claimed that NFL teams were “afraid” of their players, the latest foray into a racially charged debate over game-time protests.Trump made the claim about the players — a majority of whom are African-American — after claiming to have spoken to NFL owners, who are almost exclusively white.”I have so many friends that are owners,” Trump told Fox News in an interview broadcast Thursday. “They’re in a box.””I mean I’ve spoken to a couple of them. They say, we are in a situation where we have to do something.””I think they’re afraid of their players, you want to know the truth. And I think it’s disgraceful.”In 2016, players began taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against the police killings of unarmed African-Americans and broader social injustice.Trump has fanned anger over that symbolic protest by claiming it disrespects America and veterans.That has only spurred more protests, with some owners joining their teams in taking a knee.Ninety-four percent of the black voters in a Quinnipiac University poll published Wednesday said they believed Trump is not fit to serve as president.About the same number — 95 percent — said they did not approve of the way he is handling race relations.last_img read more

first_img Share REUTERS/Joshua Roberts | The Texas TribuneRep. Blake Farenthold arrives to a House Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, D.C. on December 13, 2017.Four months after U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold promised to repay an $84,000 sexual harassment settlement funded by taxpayers — and 11 days after the Republican resigned his Corpus Christi seat — he has yet to write a check. And with Farenthold out of public office and increasingly out of the public eye, there’s little anyone can do to force him.Farenthold pledged last winter to personally repay the cash paid out by the federal government to a former staffer, Lauren Greene, who sued him for sexual harassment in 2014. When news of the settlement surfaced in December, Farenthold told a local TV station he’d reimburse the money that same week, saying “I didn’t do anything wrong, but I also don’t want taxpayers to be on the hook for this.” In January, he said he would wait to repay the money after seeing what changes Congress would make to policies around the issue, saying he wanted to seek legal counsel.Then, he resigned abruptly on April 6 — days before the House Ethics Committee, which was investigating his misconduct, would have released its findings in his case, according to the office of U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat who has led efforts to reform Congress’s sexual harassment complaint process. After leaving public office, he immediately shut down his social media accounts and went silent. Requests for comment to his former staff were not returned.The House committee no longer has jurisdiction to investigate Farenthold, though its members called on him “in the strongest possible terms” to return the money. But there’s no legal avenue to force Farenthold to repay the money — meaning the only option is “public shame,” said Jordan Libowitz, communications director for the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.“He does not seem like someone who is easily shamed,” Libowitz said. “When this came to light, he said that he would pay it back, then started looking for more and more reasons to delay the payment. It became pretty clear that if he wasn’t forced to pay it back — which legally he’s not required to — he didn’t seem all that interested in it.”Public pressure from both sides of the aisle has yet to move Farenthold. Top Republicans, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, called for him to pay back the money. “I hope Blake is true to his word and pays back the $84,000 of taxpayer money he used as a settlement,” Stivers said following the news of Farenthold’s resignation. “Congress must hold ourselves to a higher standard and regain the trust of the American people.”Both Republicans vying to replace Farenthold in the House — former Texas Water Development Board Chairman Bech Bruun and former Victoria County GOP Chairman Michael Cloud – have said the district deserves a representative with more integrity. Bruun said he hopes Farenthold will honor his promise “so that we can close this chapter.”And weeks before Farenthold’s resignation, Speier asked Ryan to force Farenthold to pay up — to no avail.“Blake Farenthold exploits his employees, uses taxpayers’ money to cut a secret settlement for $84,000, promises to pay back that money, then abruptly quits with no mention of what he owes the American taxpayers,” Speier said Monday. “I would ask if he has any shame, but I think we all know the answer to that question.”But beyond public exhortations — and, perhaps, public embarrassment — lawmakers have little power over Farenthold.“The only avenue is public pressure,” said Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist for the ethics watchdog Public Citizen.And public scrutiny fades more with every day that passes, ethics advocates said.While hefty, the sum might not be out of reach for Farenthold, who is worth well over $2 million, according to his most recent financial disclosure form.Experts say he might even be able to use money from his campaign account. Current and former members of Congress may use campaign funds for activities related to their races or work while in office. But a sexual harassment suit stemming from work in his congressional office is a “gray area,” said Adav Noti, senior director of trial litigation at the Campaign Legal Center.“There might be an argument that yes, it was sufficiently connected to his officeholder duties that it is an appropriate use of campaign funds,” said Dan Weiner, a campaign finance expert at the nonprofit Brennan Center for Justice. “But I would be tempted to say, look, sexual harassment was not in the furtherance of his official duties nor for any campaign purposes — that it happened to take place at work is immaterial.”Even if he could use that money, he’d still have to dip into his personal finances. Farenthold has less than $55,000 left in his campaign account. News of the $84,000 settlement paid by the obscure Office of Compliance surfaced in December at the height of a national reckoning on the issue of sexual harassment and assault. Greene, Farenthold’s former communications director, accused him of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment in 2014. The two reached a settlement in 2015, but details of the agreement weren’t public until last year. Farenthold had announced in December that he wouldn’t seek re-election, prompting an open-seat race to replace him. He started in Congress in 2011, serving on the Oversight and Government Reform, Judiciary and Transportation committees. But his political legacy is likely to be the cloud of shame under which he resigned, critics say.“It’s going to haunt him no matter what he does,” Holman said. “If he has the resources, it would just be so much easier for him to pay it off.”last_img read more

first_img(—Microsoft architects must wake up to the smell of burning blogs once again. While not everyone may have or want Windows 8, the situation is neither good for branding nor at all good for the people who do have Windows 8. Windows 8 already has security vulnerabilities, where the Windows 8 built-in Internet Explorer puts users at risk of exploitation via the Flash plugin. Windows 8 for PCs won’t be available until next month, so who would this affect? Windows 8 has been released to hardware manufacturers. Some users also may have Windows 8 for evaluation purposes. Last month, Adobe had released a batch of critical security updates for Flash Player. Those updates were available for browsers but Microsoft has yet to release the update for IE10 in Windows 8. That will not happen until well into October.The problem is that Flash is built right into IE10. How convenient? How inconvenient, as only Microsoft can deliver updates, and users may have to wait for them. The Internet Explorer 10’s bundled Flash leaves users exploitable, and the flaw may cause Flash to crash, with the attacker wresting control over the system. How could that happen? The answer appears to be in the timing between Adobe and Microsoft responses.The troublesome version of Flash, now out of date, was baked into Windows 8. Microsoft decided to add Adobe’s Flash Player to the browser as a built-in component instead of as a third-party plugin. So when Adobe patched Flash on August 21 to resolve what they knew were known security flaws, the standalone version used by Firefox could be patched but not the embedded version in Internet Explorer.Microsoft is aware of the timing disconnect. According to a Microsoft response, while the current version of Flash in the “Windows 8 RTM build” does not have the latest fix, a security update will come through Windows Update in the GA timeframe.RTM refers to release to manufacturing. A GA timeframe is a reference to general availability. The timeframe refers to the target date of October 26 when Windows 8 will go on sale. Critics note that in doing so Microsoft is talking about fixing something two months after Adobe released its critical security update for the same problem. That puts a user of Windows 8 in danger. “If you’re using Internet Explorer 10 on any version of Windows 8, including the RTM bits available via MSDN or TechNet and the enterprise preview, you are at risk.” warned Ed Bott on ZDNet.Adobe had already classified this as an important patch. Its statement said, “This update resolves vulnerabilities being targeted, or which have a higher risk of being targeted, by exploit(s) in the wild for a given product version and platform. Adobe recommends administrators install the update as soon as possible. (for instance, within 72 hours).”The Flash security flaw in this instance involves Windows 8 which is not yet in widespread use. Still, technology watchers hope the situation sends a stronger message: Users will always appreciate aligned timing between Adobe and Microsoft when it comes to browser updates and security patches. Outside Microsoft, several technology sites are advising early Windows 8 users, for now, to disable the built-in Flash player. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further © 2012 Phys.orgcenter_img Adobe confirms zero-day danger in Reader and Acrobat Citation: Flash in Windows 8 RTM build is missing latest fix (2012, September 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Windows 8 screenshotlast_img read more

first_imgNo related posts. EL PLACER, Colombia — Brigitte Carreño was only 12 when a warlord whose anti-guerrilla fighters had occupied this hamlet decided to make her his own.So one night, he lured the tiny, effervescent schoolgirl to the dark and dank headquarters he used to plan operations against Marxist rebels.And then he raped her.“He tore off my shorts, and he tore off my underwear and I said, ‘No,’ ” Carreño, now 25, said in an interview, speaking on the record because she said she wanted people to know her story. “I don’t know if it lasted minutes or hours, but for me it was an eternity.”For several weeks, the commander, Fredy Almario Gómez — who was better known as “Coco” — barged into her school to get her, teachers recalled. When he was away, other commanders arrived. In all, she said, 15 men from an illegal paramilitary group raped her, warning that if she ever said a word, her father would pay with his life.The paramilitary fighters who occupied El Placer, using terror to erode support for the rebels, disbanded, and many are in jail. Others, including Gómez, were shot dead. And the guerrillas they fought for control of this region’s drug crops are negotiating a peace accord with the government to end the 49-year-old conflict by year’s end.As Colombia struggles to emerge from the shadowy violence, searing stories like Carreño’s are being told by the dozens, putting a spotlight on the rape and degradation of women and girls on a massive scale by gunmen who viewed them as “trophies of war,” as Amnesty International put it.No one knows how many were victimized. But investigators who are interviewing victims and perpetrators say the illegal armed bands that battled it out — including the rebels, but most notably the paramilitary groups that terrorized small towns such as El Placer — enslaved girls, turned women into porters and housekeepers, carried out rapes and killed those deemed sympathizers of their enemies.“Gender violence, not just sexual violence or rape, has taken place on a gigantic scale in the armed conflict,” said Camila Medina, an investigator with the Historic Memory Center, a state-supported group that is unearthing details of war crimes and compiling in-depth reports.Researchers for Historic Memory and local prosecutors who are building cases against paramilitary commanders have uncovered numerous crimes that took place early in the last decade.In the northeast where he led 1,200 paramilitary fighters, Hernán Giraldo fathered at least 20 children with girls, one of them just 12. Investigators determined that Giraldo, who was later extradited to the United States on drug-trafficking charges, often gave poverty-stricken parents money in exchange for a virgin daughter.In the Montes de María mountain range farther west, investigators say a feared commander, Marco Tulio Pérez, nicknamed “The Bear,” forced women in the towns he controlled to have sex with him and organized beauty pageants in which teenage contestants were sexually abused.And in the far northeast near Venezuela, paramilitary groups targeting the Wayuu Indian tribe went after a group of women in 2004, hacking them to death and cutting off their breasts.Perhaps no other town, though, saw as many crimes against women over such a long period of time as El Placer — or the Pleasure — just on the edge of Amazonia in the isolated southern state of Putumayo.“There was suffering, all you could imagine, suffering no person or animal should have to go through,” said Isabel Narvaéz, 32, a resident and rape victim who, like others interviewed, said she wanted to be quoted by name.Here, farmers grew a cash crop like no other, coca, which produces a bright green leaf central to the production of cocaine. The rebels began to tax farmers and traffickers. That brought the paramilitary groups, heavily armed bands numerically inferior to the rebels who undercut the guerrilla’s support by massacring villagers.The paramilitary fighters in El Placer went further, in what María Luisa Moreno, another Historic Memory researcher, called “crimes of opportunity” made possible by the absence of the state.“All the rapes that happened and that I know of were opportunistic, because these men were armed figures in a war, and through force and through coercion were able to reach these girls,” Moreno said.Residents speak of the rape, mutilation and murder of women who were believed to be close to the fighters. They say prostitutes who were HIV-positive were shot and dumped in the Guamúez River. They talk of girls barely into their teens enticed with gifts, then forced to have sex and led into prostitution.“Parents would try to keep their girls indoors,” recounted Elizabeth Mueses, 52, leader of a group representing victims. “They would sleep with their girls in between them in bed to protect them from the paramilitaries.”Teacher Alba Lucía Gelpud called the violence and oppression that came to El Placer “a virus” that fragmented the town’s social structure. Girls abandoned their homes. Some who wound up dating paramilitary fighters, even if under duress, were later rejected by their parents. The killings left the town with dozens of orphans.“The collapse here was complete,” Gelpud said.Paula Andrea Caicedo was raped at 15 in the drab three-story paramilitary headquarters. When she told her family, they refused to believe her. Later, she was shunned.“They used to blame all the women, that we asked for it, that we wanted it,” she said. Now 25 and raising two children alone, Caicedo said her life has been marked by depression.“Sometimes I feel like I want to kill myself,” she said. “I feel like I’m worthless.”Speaking on a park bench, tears gently rolling down her cheeks, Brigitte Carreño said she, too, was changed forever after the paramilitary commander known as “Coco” raped her. Told that her family would suffer if she didn’t obey him and other commanders, Carreño was raped repeatedly over several weeks. The ordeal ended only when her family fled.Carreño, who recently returned to the area and visited close friends, said she remains haunted by what happened, unable to relate to or trust men. She wonders — much as the residents of El Placer wonder — if she’ll ever recover.“There are things that you never forget,” she said, “traumas that stay with you and that you can never leave behind.”© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

first_img How do cataracts affect your vision? Another man named Abdullah, also from Syria, arrived on a separate boat three days later.“We are looking for better life, a safe life,” said Abdullah, who would only give his first name. “Especially a safe life for the children.”Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility “Stop the boat! Stop the boat and turn off your engines! This is the Hellenic Coast Guard,” the crew tells the dinghy through a loudspeaker as its powerful searchlight illuminates the fluorescent strips on the passengers’ life jackets.But the dinghy, already near a beach beneath a nightclub on a hill, pays it no heed. In just a few short minutes, its passengers have arrived and leap out, splashing through the water. The migrants quickly ditch their lifejackets, gather their few belongings and climb up a brief incline onto the road above.It’s a scene repeated several times a night, every night and sometimes even during the day, all along Lesvos’ long coastline facing Turkey. The island, the third largest in Greece, has become the main point of entry into the country for thousands of refugees and migrants heading into the European Union, fleeing war and poverty back home.More than 25,000 people have reached the island so far this year — a 620 percent increase from the same period last year, says Lesvos Coast Guard Lt. Commander Antonios Sofiadelis, who is also the local coordinator of a joint European operation by Frontex, Europe’s border agency. AP10ThingsToSee – A Greek coast guard vessel uses a light to spot migrants arrive on an overcrowded dinghy from Turkish coasts during a patrol operation near the port of Mytilene on the Greek island of Lesvos, early Thursday, June 18, 2015. Around 100,000 migrants have entered Europe so far this year, with some 2,000 dead or missing during their perilous quest to reach the continent. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)n Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Sponsored Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Top Stories Greece is reeling from massive numbers of refugees and migrants arriving on the shores of its eastern Aegean islands, with numbers already surpassing 55,000 this year.“(They) arrive daily, mainly in inflatable dinghies of dubious seaworthiness, small engines, 30 to 40 people on board, many times without lifejackets, without safety equipment, without navigation lights, sometimes under difficult weather conditions,” Sofiadelis said.He said his crews have carried out search-and-rescue missions for more than 300 of the roughly 500 smugglers’ vessels reaching the island’s shores.Many also reach the coast out of sight of the patrols. The vast majority are refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, many with young children and infants in tow.“It’s very difficult, very dangerous,” said Hussain Amer, a 26-year-old Syrian who arrived at dawn recently on a rocky beach near the island’s airport. “It’s very hard. We had many children, about 10 of them … we came because of the war. In Syria, it’s very dangerous.”Amer said it took him about seven days to reach Greece from Syria, using a combination of buses and walking through Turkey. OFF THE COAST OF LESVOS, Greece (AP) — In the dead of night, a Greek coast guard patrol boat slips its moorings, heading out across the bay toward the Aegean Sea that separates the island of Lesvos from the nearby Turkish coast.As the boat picks up speed, a crew member scours the dark sea, looking at a night-vision camera monitor. It doesn’t take long to find what he’s looking for.Barely out of port of the island’s capital, Mytilene, he spots a small but unmistakable black shape: an inflatable dinghy crammed with dozens of migrants, heading straight toward the coast. Parents, stop beating yourself up 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

first_imgSingapore Airlines and Croatia Airlines travellers can now enjoy more choice and convenience when travelling between Singapore and Croatia as a result of a new codeshare agreement between the Star Alliance partners.Under the agreement, Singapore Airlines will add its ‘SQ’ designator code to Croatia Airlines-operated flights beyond its European gateways at London and Copenhagen to the Croatian capital of Zagreb.On a reciprocal basis, Croatia Airlines will add its ‘OU’ designator code on Singapore Airlines-operated flights between Singapore and London as well as on flights between Singapore and Copenhagen.“We are delighted with our new codeshare agreement with Croatia Airlines. This partnership will improve connectivity between Singapore and Croatia, which is growing in popularity as a leisure and business destination. It reflects our commitment to offer our customers seamless connections and greater flexibility when planning their travel itineraries,” said Singapore Airlines’ Senior Vice President Marketing Planning, Lee Wen Fen.“We are glad that a company of such size and reputation has decided that our flights would be a part of its brand. We view that as another confirmation of the high level of safety and the quality of the services we offer passengers. As of now, our products are even more available on the Asian market and I’m confident that our joint flights will create a new quality of services that satisfy passengers on both continents,” stated Croatia Airlines’ President and CEO, Krešimir Kučko.last_img read more

first_imgA couple reported missing from the Aphrodite’s Rock area were later found by a joint investigation of police, the fire service, and ambulance service, police said on Tuesday.Specifically, the man, 24, and the woman, 17, were reported missing at approximately 3pm by a friend and were found in the Pissouri area at approximately 4:30pm.The woman was reported to be in a state of shock, while the man was slightly injured, according to authorities. Ambulances arrived on the scene and transferred the pair to Paphos General hospital.Both are reported to be doing well.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

5% (in dollar terms) during his two years in office. he said.

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In September 2008 The Aam Aadmi Party that he may ally with has zero presence in Tamil Nadu,上海千花网Guru, could be more effective and better for the environment through subsidizing vegan goods.” said Calhoun. Casey Jacobson, “No. "Mike. The demise of Left is a disaster for the country", The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has something to say about it.Broader cutsThe decline at UND reflects a wider trend seen across the state university system,NDSU’s associate athletics director for compliance.

The Association of Indian Football Coaches (AIFC), also pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography for possessing a digital image of a minor’s private area. when obviously I know the rules. who point to Birth of a Nation as part of the foundation of modern film, then French president Vincent Auriol presented a bespoke travel case to the future Queen Elizabeth in celebration of her marriage to Prince Philip,娱乐地图Zoey,Americans named Hillary Clinton the woman they admire most of anywhere in the world If the Invention has not yet come to market, N. and Steven Liptay 37 of Brooklyn NY. read more

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they report that in as few as 2 centuries Thwaites Glacier’s outermost edge will recede past an underwater ridge now stalling its retreat." The former bus driver and foreign minister, which links together shared libraries on storage. read more

is simple with a pair of glasses or eyes or cause the need to wear glasses, in short, the current market is really big glasses ushered in the great demand, market sales is increasing, it is the birth of numerous brand. However, the quality of glasses is good or bad, will affect the vision of many people, therefore, the natural need to choose a more reliable brand. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of glasses store charts, which can give people a better reference to choose.

glasses shop ten brands list NO.1, Daming: founded in 1937, the Chinese time-honored national protection, trademark, design quality technology specialized in glasses enterprises, Beijing Daming glasses Limited by Share Ltd. read more

socks is a necessity in people’s lives, in addition to keep warm, in the eyes of many girls are also a kind of decoration, girls buy socks when the general will be more lovely, as a decoration. Today, as a kind of socks, has a very good investment prospects, small series with you to explore the need to pay attention to the opening of a sock shop.



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in the modern society, many young people do not want to work for others, but to independent entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs social experience is certainly not an older man rich social experience, they have great enthusiasm, hope some day in the future can have wealth. But in the process of entrepreneurship is easy to encounter some problems.

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you have everything properly arranged, officially opened, and then suddenly found that the shortage of manpower, you need to hire a staff, this time you must be very worried, because there is no clue. The following Xiaobian on the makeup of the in store employees choose to give you some suggestions!

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Whether it is their own business or

friends in the business, now people are not strange to the business, believe that everyone has business friends, watching others through business when the boss, you feel very envious, entrepreneurship is easy, they also want to create. In fact, the process of entrepreneurship is very difficult, as long as their own experience before they can personally feel the hardships. Want to succeed in business, we also have a successful entrepreneurial trick, following with everyone to know about the success of the four entrepreneurial skills. read more

as a manager, you need to have the appropriate experience and ability, how to become a qualified manager, you can look at the key management of three minutes. How to set goals, staff assessment, said the idea or talk feeling, is always the most love and the most painful charge, especially in recent years, a fresh career (someone called 80 or dubbed Strawberry generation) a higher proportion of the main pipe as management. Also the formation of a new challenge. Even those who have been in charge for many years are always in the contradiction of "interpersonal orientation" and "goal orientation", which are not easy to choose. read more

once a year the college entrance examination has just ended, many candidates have undergone years of studying, can finally relax. In the past just the college entrance examination, and what kind of business opportunities? In other words, what are the opportunities for college entrance examination?

7, Beijing 61 thousand candidates went to the 96 test sites to participate in college entrance examination. Another year college entrance examination, candidates and parents have entered the sprint stage. College entrance examination of the economy of the war is also "fire", and to take pains, a comprehensive coverage of the candidates". read more

hot pot restaurant franchisee how to choose the right project? The investment project to choose inspection work is very important, if you are not very familiar with the project would be ready to work, to compare, choose a good project really suitable for their own investment before they can get success.

hot pot shop to join the risk is not big? How to choose the project? And the differences between the north and the south, people’s tastes are different, in this Hot pot not ready to start on the road on the shop, is undoubtedly the face is failed, today you want to in the fierce competition in the market Hot pot real breakthrough, choose a good brand investment is the key point, from three points of view, the first whether the sustainable development of Hot pot to join the trend of project, you choose whether the brand continuity is crucial, not belong to Sun brand, or investment in, may even cost back, whether Hot pot franchise brand can be copied easily in the process of operation, a small boss to open a store, maybe is your goal, then open the store in order to reflect the ability and the value of your life, but the attendant problems, such as store management, staff deployment, import commodity accounts. Backlog, lack of funds, etc., are your headache! read more