5year old missing in New Hamburg

A five-year old New Hamburg boy is missing and presumed drowned after he wandered from his home to the Nith river behind his backyard. His parents, neighbours and emergency officials have searched in and around the river for the boy, but he still hasn’t been found.It’s no longer a search and rescue effort, police are now calling it a recovery. They don’t believe little Robbie Reiner survived and are scouring the river to find his body.Neighbours say five-year old Robbie Reiner was always smiling. He rarely was seen without his mother by his side as she pushed him in this stroller.The autistic child has been missing since Thursday afternoon. He was last seen in this New Hamburg neighbourhood that sits next to the icy Nith river. He left his house with no coat on. A boot was found near the water’s edge.Robbie’s father came outside to look for his son Robbie. He saw footsteps in the snow that lead to the Nith River but unfortunately no steps coming back out. Neighbours say he was waste deep in the water looking for his son Robbie: “Until I have some closure I’m not releasing any information. I’m just barely keeping it together myself, my wife is in shambles.”Some neighbours are crying after they spent at least five hours Thursday searching everywhere for Robbie. But many have lost hope he’ll be found alive. Friends and family are offering support to the Reiner’s.Bruce Stuart is a neighbour: “I just said to him this is nobody’s fault, this is a tragic accident, they can’t blame themselves for this because it’s not their fault.”The Cambridge Fire Department searched the river most of the day but the Nith offers some challenges.Barrie Hummel is with Waterloo police: “The water is moving fairly quickly so it’s possible the current would’ve taken him down stream somewhat. We don’t know which is why we’re searching where we possibly can.”Waterloo police are advising people who want to help search to stay away from the banks of the river because the banks are still icy from last weekends storm. The OPP diving team is now in New Hamburg. They’ll be searching the depths of the Nith river when the sun comes up Saturday to try and find the body of five-year old Robbie Reiner.

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