first_img“In clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the media and fans can be really intrusive. Footballers in England are more respected, people are only interested in what they do in the field, “Edu Álvarez closed. Despite that, Guardiola He did not cease in his attempt to incorporate, without success, the Blaugrana club. The current City coach also participated in the documentary: “I thought this guy was very good and wanted to have him on my team.”Anyway, football has given them a second chance and they have met again in Manchester: “It has been really good that we were able to coincide at the end of his career. With him you always have stereotypes. That if he is a Canarian, that if he is accustomed to sun, in good weather … and comes to such a cold flirt. Prejudices are never good advisors. How could he survive or adapt and do so well. It shows that he learned his football on the street, as if he was threatened that there would be only one winner left. Silva has that and you don’t realize until you know him. “ Edu Álvarez, the physiotherapist of Manchester City, is one of the closest people to David Silva within the club and wanted to explain why he opted for the adventure of the Premier, despite having more offers. “I think I wanted a new experience, something different. The football player’s lifestyle in England is more private than in Spain“explained the friend of the midfielder, who also exposed several of the attempts he had in his day.” So, Silva did not sign for Real Madrid, although both parties agreed to a new visit to the white facilities. The player himself clarifies that he did not return to Valdebebas and that, even so, the interest did not stop: “They called me every year, but we decided not to go. The following year I returned to my city where I played until I was 14“From there he ended up signing for Valencia, a club where he shone and won a place in both the National Team and the City.center_img David Silva lives his last months at Manchester City. The Canarian footballer finishes contract in June and has already publicly admitted on occasion that he wants to change airs and put an end to ten years of success and leadership on the pitch. Before the final goodbye occurs, your club wants to honor you for everything that has meant for the fans and has recorded a documentary (“Born in Gran Canaria“), in which he speaks of his career.In it, the former Valencia explains the reasons why he declined several offers of Real Madrid, especially in his childhood. Vicente del Bosque followed him closely, but his father, Fernando Jiménez, directed him to stay at home: “I haven’t brought him here to stay. If you think he is a player that might interest you, you can go back to his city and follow him“.last_img

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