first_img1. Andorra (life expectancy: 83.5 years) – many might be surprised to hear that this tiny principality wedged in between Spain and France in the Pyrenees is home to the most long lived population in the world, but Andorrans like to keep active, and the country offers a great range of skiing and snowboarding come winter, and hiking and biking come summer. Find cheap flights to Toulouse or Barcelona2. Japan (82.6 years) – it’s the Japanese diet that favours lots of fresh fish, vegetables and tofu that is attributed for their longevity, but visitors may be surprised to hear that there’s more to Japanese cuisine than sushi. Try okonomiyaki – a pancake that you cook yourself at the table, Sauce Kastudon – a pork cutlet in bbq-style sauce, or yaki-soba – fried noodles – all delicious though probably not the healthiest options. Find cheap flights to Japan3. Hong Kong (82.2 years) – the residents of Hong Kong like their food fresh and this is perhaps the secret to their long lives. Visit the intoxicating backstreet markets to see live fish, crabs, frogs and even turtles being sold for the table. Definitely not suitable for vegetarians! Find cheap flights to Hong Kong4. Iceland (81.8 years) – is it the geothermal, mineral-rich hot springs in which Icelanders bathe, their diet of fresh fish and sheep’s heads, or just their liberal outlook on life which keeps them going so long? Probably a combination of all three, so why not join them? Find cheap flights to Iceland5. Switzerland (81.7 years) – a nation of Alpinists, Switzerland has ample opportunities for an active lifestyle, with world-class skiing, climbing and mountain biking on the doorstep. Probably a good thing too – because all that fondue can’t be good for your heart! Find cheap flights to Switzerland6. Australia (81.2 years) – known as a nation of sports fanatics, Australians’ enthusiasm for health and fitness ensures them a place in the top ten. The climate certainly helps visitors to enjoy the great outdoors too, with surfing, scuba diving and sun tanning popular pastimes. Find cheap flights to Australia7. Spain (80.9 years) – lots of fresh, regional produce and an outdoor lifestyle is what keeps the Spanish living for so long, and the generally pleasant climate means that a healthy alfresco lifestyle is the norm. Find cheap flights to Spain8. Sweden (80.9 years) – a highly green country, both in the environmental sense and because around 60% of the county is forested. Swedes are very much outdoor types, enjoying hiking, biking, skiing and walking, and the Swedish diet is rich in fish, wild fruit and fibre-rich rye bread. Stress relieving saunas and Swedish massages may also help to prolong life. Find cheap flights to Sweden9. Canada (80.7 years) – generally thought of as an active and outdoorsy kind of place, Canadians enjoy some of the finest ski resorts in the world, excellent fishing, golfing and great swathes of wilderness and forests that help keep their air fresh. Find cheap flights to Canada9. France (80.7 years) – known globally for their excellent cuisine, the French certainly know how to make simple, healthy food taste great. Their love for red wine may also add a few years – which drunk in small quantities, is said to protect the heart. Find cheap flights to FranceNotes: Also in joint 9th place are Israel and Macau.UK (79.4) ranks joint 23rd (Along with Belgium, Germany, Malta and the Virgin Islands).Life expectancy data according to The Economist’s Pocket World in Figures, 2009 Edition – based on statistics produced by the World Health Organisation.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Feeling a bit rundown? Skyscanner takes a look at those countries where people live the longest. Known for offering active lifestyles, healthy cuisine and plenty of the great outdoors, a trip to one of these places might just add a few years to your own life! RelatedEight Summer Lake Breaks: fresh ideas for fresh waterSkyscanner takes a look at some of the world’s best summer lake holidaysLife at Skyscanner Singapore: listening to the localsSkyscanner may have been born in Scotland, but it’s long since spread across the seas. Sam Baldwin reports from our Singapore office…Late Retirement: Skyscanner’s rejuvenation destinationsLate Retirement: Skyscanner’s rejuvenation destinationslast_img read more

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